[Raffle] SNS x Nike Air Max Tailwind IV ‘20th Anniversary'

SNS presents Nike Air Max Tailwind IV ‘20th Anniversary’ exclusive Before the Internet reigned supreme, and fast-paced collaboration-heavy sneaker culture was established, the millennium curiosity pushed cultural boundaries. With the '90s on the way out, 1999 and the imminent Y2K brought an uncertainty, which created cult favorites under the aegis of visionary artists.

Embracing the early commercial footsteps of the World Wide Web a utopian vision of the future transitioned into pop culture, birthing iconic gadgets, music references for ages with electronic music defining club aesthetics, and high-luster fish-eyed rap videos. The succinct moment commenced a short aesthetic period cultivating a style movement full of attention-grabbing metallic contrasts, translucent fabrics, otherworldly looks and hairstyles as well as a computerized episteme. (vis SNS)

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